Our Story

“How can we inspire, encourage and motivate others to bring their relationship with Christ to a new intimate level through prayer?”

Kay & Bobbie

Kay and Bobbie kept this question the focal point as they worked to create the pockets and then the cards.

As a nurse, Kay Fetner has been fortunate to be employed in varied areas of medicine from working for two doctors out in the country, where they made house calls and delivered babies at home, to assisting surgeons in open heart surgery.

Kay began writing poetry and short stories in high school .  She has had her poetry published in various poetry magazines and journals as well as participating in poetry readings.

She has published articles in Carolina Country Magazine and Asheboro Magazine and is currently working on a collection of stories about the people who have touched, changed, and influenced her, from a child growing up in the North Carolina Mountains to the woman she is striving to be today.

As a young teenager Kay found herself in the middle of a lake sinking quickly to the bottom with no one to help…She felt His presence as He lifted her toward the light…. this was Kay’s first experience with Answered Prayer.

That experience nurtured a growing passion for prayer in her life.

Kay and her husband, Ashley, live in North Carolina and are blessed with a wonderful son and daughter-in- law.
A native of Longview, Washington and a child of a career military father, Bobbie Frazier has had the opportunity to travel through each of our beautiful fifty states and some of Europe.  Experiencing the cultures from different parts of the United States has certainly played a part in how she fell in love with writing.  She now calls Asheboro, North Carolina home along with her husband, Tom and their blended family of five children and six grandchildren.  Her love for Christ and sharing His love for each of us has led Bobbie on a journey of writing and speaking.  A journey that has been one of discovery, excitement, fulfillment, and most of all listening; listening to God’s guidance. 

Her writing started over 20 years ago.  Writing for the companies she worked for in areas of methods and procedures, and procedure manuals.   Then with the opportunity (by God’s hand) to direct an after-school care program at a church Bobbie was attending. That opportunity was the beginning of the pathway to her first book, DALTON DISCOVERS THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and the series that is planned.  Bobbie also writes for her local newspaper and has had several articles published in magazines and is working on a devotion book.  

Kay Fetner and Bobbie Frazier were brought together by circumstances that only the Lord could have orchestrated. First, as members of the same church congregation, and then together with their husbands and two other couples bringing service to pastors. Both Kay and Bobbie knew there was something more to their friendship and soon found out it was a strong commitment to prayer, and the desire to bring not only the comfort of prayer to others, but to bring the understanding of how important daily commitment to prayer is.

The Lord connected them to share their passion for prayer with one another, and together, they share with others the importance of a powerful, consistent, personal prayer life. United and passionate prayer from “His people that are called by His name…”, can unleash God’s Power to bring about the healing of our Nation! Prayer Pocket Ministries was a gift, a gift God gave to inspire others to pray, encourage others to have a consistent and powerful prayer life, and to give glory to God as the motivation to pray grows a passionate prayer life!

Prayer Pocket Ministries: a way to use simple pockets as a tool to transition each person into the comfort of praying naturally each day, bringing them to a commitment to Christ to spend time each day in passionate prayer. Both Kay and Bobbie are most comfortable writing about their passion for prayer but God challenges them to speak on this topic, as well!